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Michael Morrow - Rock and Roll Ain't Never Paid My Bills


Featured appearance by Juliet March on Bass & Backing vocals. Tim Elliott on drums. From the album Bad Penny.

 MICHAEL MORROW & THE CULPRITS, an American Rock Band, hailing from Colorado deliver the goods when it comes to a bluesy countryfied hard rock sound. Influenced from bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Slade you can hear that melody and strut matter. Michael's strong vocal timbre is partnered with the smooth back ups of Tim Elliott on drums and Steve Haywood (UK) on Bass. No matter the venue, big or small, every show is engaging and energetic. Michael's hollow-body Gretsch is distinct. Song titles like 'Dirty Little Love Song', 'Rock and Roll Ain't Never Paid My Bills' & 'Bad Penny', they almost paint the picture of what's to come.


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 Shotgun Lullaby  -  Not Getting Over You



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Kim Cameron Side FX Official Music Video - Let Me Ask You


 Let Me Ask You, the song, is about a woman who falls in love, but isn’t sure if the one she loves, loves her back.  It’s a very flirtatious song with the story taking us back to almost our teenage years, when you could barely tell someone you ‘liked’ them.  Today, questions are becoming so much more important. It is not just the way you ask, but how you ask, and how you will respond after you get an answer.  This tune has a super house feel to match the records on Carpe Musicam with a hook that jumps right in front and stares you in the face.


The video takes a slightly different lift off. Flashback to 1960, a woman is haunted by the memories of her long lost love. Now jump to present day, where ghost hunters follow trails of the past in old houses. The woman from the past longs for her one and only love and finds herself in a predicament — does she bring him back to the past, or let him hunt in the future.

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Moran Levi - Me Estoy Enamorando


Written by Moran Levi   Produced by Erez Segal   Recording & Mastering by Sw MaLomi Studio (   Guitars by Flavio Sosa   Trumpet by Ted Guy


Moran is the future of Pop music. She was born July 20, 1983, in Israel. Moran Levi is a talented Pop, Rock, and world-class vocalist who also writes her material arranges and produces her songs. She can sing in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French Italian and more.


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