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Marketing campaign



Marketing campaign



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Social Media 


Online promotions: Our audience reach of over 30 million strong and growing as we promote live shows, new music/video releases, appearances, show announcements, interviews, events, and more.  

With our group of individual videographers, photographers, and journalists, we are always looking for the best in entertainment coverage.  From one-on-one interviews to capturing live concerts, and more.  You never know when your event will be next!




Who Are We 


Flair Affair Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment platform sharing a plethora of breakthrough music, video, and other creative works with our world audience via our international network of artists and industry professionals. We like to consider ourselves the conduit, specializing in music industry connectivity.

From LIVE shows to music projects, radio airplay, individualized promotional campaigns, product development, artist management, and more, FA Entertainment offers services to help artists and their brands achieve short and long-term career goals.






If you would like to share your content with us or share an event, send us the links, along with additionial information.  A representative will contact you.



If you would like to discuss promoting your brand or cross-promo opportunities, or simply introduce a creative concept, contact us via email.  We would love to hear from you!

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Income Opportunities


Learn the inside secrets to building a successful direct sales business starting on a shoestring budget. Whether you have previous sales experience or just beginning a career in sales, you can surely benefit from the content in this book.


From general considerations when starting a business to the inside secrets that can only be learned by doing, CM Gray shares information with the reader that is sure to boost the small business start-up.


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Email: flairaffair@execs.com