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Andrea Godin, Angels of Vice, Angelo, Anthony Martinez, Beau Bostic, Beba, Creepy Loc, Cuba, Damas, Damian Wyldes, Dayenne Celeste, Debrah Jade, Diane De Mesa, Drea Darc, Dorothy Leigh, Eagle Vs Falcon, Edina Balczo, Eri White, Geraldina Sky, Glitta Kings, Ivana Van der Veen, J'Sun, Jerry Jean, Jessi Leon, Jackie Pajo, Josh Page, Karl Wolf, Katelyn Duran, Kaitlyn Knippers, Kenya SoulSinger, Kevin Writer, Kim Cameron (Billboard Top 20 Artist), Laurence0802, Legacy, Josh Page, Lisa Lave, Los Lobos Locos, Maria Zouroudis, Mike Attinger, H. McCloud, Michael Medall, Mykell, Moran Levi, Nike Jemiyo, Nova the Rebel, Philly2000, Roger Ortega, Shaun Barrowes, SoHo Kings, Team WatzGud, Ted Bazil, The S.O.G. Crew, Trudy Miquelerena, Wizdom Phoenix, and Yaliel y Nyno.

Past Featured Artists:

Da Hood’s Ornament, D-Bone Giles, FUZZ, Jehnniel, Lei Miserable, Miles Strumizta, Mooni Downs, and Slate Stone,

Artists featured on FA Radio Network:

Shizz Money: “Put Your Drink Down” Stolen Format: “The Great Escape” Cryptic Wisdom: “My Angel” Diz Diggity: “Mile High Boy” Delante Gillis: “Roll Wit Me” DJ Jackie Joyride: “It Is Time” Burn the Gallows: “Facedown” Tarms ETC: “Road To Redemption” Brian Osbment: “Little Angel” Kirby Howarth: “When Will I See You” Anthony Trppz Rangel: “Clap Your Hands” & “Spotlight” Philly2000: “One Minute of Your Time” Continetal Crooks: I Don’t Need” Miles Vito: “Pananalig” Arun Pradeep: “Higher” Huff N Keen: “Yo Mama Dont Dance” Elise Lieberth: “The Letter” Flyboy Da Great: “Do You” Marc Montfleury: “Tried To Told You” Pedals of Spain: “Lady Luck” Michael Trejo Hell’s Circus: “Nail In My Coffin” boyswithadream: All As One” Jackie Pajo: “I Love You” and The End of a Miserable Life” Marc Morlock: “My Life is Better Without You” Laurence0802: “Please Don’t Leave” Alex G: “Breathe” Broken Angel: “Down at the Cafe” H. Mc Cloud: “Everything New york” Voz 11: “Tidal~Hate” Green Genes: “What You” DJ Warrez: “Been About” Conor McAlarney: “Drunk Song” TJ Chill of Kaos Krew& Redd Emcee of Centralzone: “Pioneers” Katey Laurel: “Everything I Love” Tony Two-Tone: “Every Single Day” ft. RoDeem & Unidis Niya Nolting: “Pay The Rent” Slamabama:”Tired of It” Drey Gates: “In Da Way” SharkMuffin: “Big” Tim Yurkovitch: “Never Give Up” Shotgun Abby: “Cold” Covergiest: “Leave Me Alone” and “Playing in a Rock and Roll Band” Bellavia Sewell: “All Alone” Kei-Key: Bu” Menzi Picasso: “I’m Gone” IZM White: “Gotta Gets Mine” Deon Ft. Trev Rich: “Next Point Winning” J. Riot: Over It” No Thru Traffic: “Disconnected” Stolen Format: “Counterweight” Young Nice: “Straight Drop” Tommy James: Take u 2 the Altar” U.T.C.I.A.: “We Be Mobbin” Sharkmuffin: “Big” Katey Laurel: “Hurricane” Animal Hands: “Definance” KoKo Bonita: Koolin On Em” Tangerine Acid Love Machine: “The Nod” Earline Carrington-Thomas, and more!

Artists and the FA Ent. Music Showcase:

Joe MisterUniversity Boyd, Damian Wyldes , Bret Dallas, KoKo Bonita, Cuba, Handsome Joe, Despicable Dialects, Right-Just Movement, Min’tEnt Manage, M&M Connection, The Manny G show artists w/Class Act Prod. and Round Town Johnny Brown.

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Sean McCorkell, Wes Watkins, The Mighty Nice Band, COMEUNITY P.E.A.C.E DRUMMERZ, Cory Youlden, Steven & Kat, Conor Moor, Bruce Saraian, Vocal Trash, Little Big Town, Creecher, Pato Baton and the Now Generation, Triple Nickel Band, Chicago Honey Bear Dancers, Jeremiah Garner, Janelle Farris, Laura & Diane, Tom Heath, Raylene Gonzalez, David Alcons, Theo DeCenzo, Ezekiel Jones, Lacy Brown, Eddie Medina, Sarah Wood, Don Berryhill, Brothers of the Son, Kevin Cano, Erin Medina, Con & Booger, Lance Valliant, Despicable Dialects, Carl CruciDhaht Khahm, Cactus Jack, Trio Bohemio, Tequila Mockingbird, Suzanne Morales Quartet, David Guerraal Walker, Melody Monroe, Bay Bailey, Denverz D-Tox Finest, Gabriel Weeams, Chris MGod ,Dro Denora, Bangerang Da’Spacepimp, Derrick Royce, TheRhayne Larry Gill, Cleric, An Hobbes, Kno Respek, Robin Samples, Mic Militants, Latin Hip Artist: Zig Zag, Rebecca Castle, and Mary Morley

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Christina Grimmie, Selena Gomez, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, Tony Orlando, Martini Shot, Widowhood Effect, Mark Farner, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, The Turtles (featuring Flo & Eddie), Charles "Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Olate Dogs, Silver Mountain Bluegrass Filders, Fully Involved, Clay Walker, Full Bore, FogHat, Y&T, Pat Travers, Metal Church, Gloriana, MegaDeth, Alice in Chains, Creedence Clearwater Revisted, Stars in Stereo, Denver Bronco Cheerleaders, All Star Weekend, and The Band Perry.

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*Yaliel y Nyno – Status: Signed with Ambeyonce Entertainment

*Jackie Pajo – Status: Currently attending schoo in Denmark. Jackie Pajo performed live on "Danmark har Talent in 2017.



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