What others say about FA Ent. and our projects:

“I just wanted to say thanks! Love the motivation and energy you have…
keep up the great work!”
~ Michael

“Thanks again…” ~Kirby

“I think that its a great thing that Flair Affair is doing. Supporting local talent,
getting their name out there and letting them shine to their full potential
is what music is all about. I appreciate all that you do and look
forward to working with you.”
~ Anthony Martinez~

“… sounds like you’re having fun good luck kid.” ~Art~

“I really appreciate all that you do for artists like myself!!” ~ Maria~

“As their website states, Flair Affair is ‘The Next Generation in Entertainment.’
They are lending a helping hand to artists like myself with trying to get our
voices, our images and our stories out to the masses. I thank you Flair Affair,
for your appreciation of our art forms, no matter what type and urge you to
continue setting the bar high for others to ascend to.” ~ Nova~

“…Nice voice-overs. I just tweeted the link.” ~Jerry~

“Jammin out to FA Radio Network ….” ~ BO~

“its so great” ~ M. Hojsgard~

“Flair Affair certainly lives up to its name as the next generation in
entertainment. It provides exposure and a chance to showcase the hard
work that artists have created. The possibilities are endless for networking
with a program such as Flair Affair. It is a competitive industry but Flair Affair
gives artists the advantage. You never know what could happen.” ~Katelyn Duran~

“FA Ent., LET’S GET IT.” ~ Legacy

“Thank you for sharing my music.” ~ Kenya SoulSinger

“Tak for godt musik..knuss” ~ J.Christiansen

“Very proud of you. It would have been nice to have an organization like yours
around when I was playing. You have no idea how much the talent out
there appreciates this.” ~ AEG

“I think Flair Affair is an amazing opportunity for the next generation
of Entertainers and Artists to get their talents showcased and learn
about other artists out there fighting to achieve their dreams. As an
artist , it can get discouraging sometimes wondering if these dreams
will ever be realized but through Flair Affair I can get some confidence
and reassurance seeing that big things are happening for artists like me
all over the country!” ~ Mykell~

“Just wanted to say, You Rock!” ~ Brian

“More power to Flair Affair!” ~ Diane

“I think Flair Affair is a great website and a resource if you would like to
get to know some amazing people. Keep it up guys!” ~Edina~

“Thanks again for helping to spread the iLLNESS.” ~Jamie

“Can’t wait to hear more.” ~ DJ Jackie Joyride

“… appreciate the love.” ~ H Mc Cloud

“Wow! You are really doin’! A Lot of Flair! I think it’s gonna be quite
an Affair! Looks fantastic! Sounds great!:) “Flair Affair!” wonderful
alliteration just a pleasure to pronunciate! I am inspired!” ~ S. Limardo


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