Development & Promotions

Our development & promotional campaigns have helped many independent artists reach new audiences and establish lasting relationships in a dynamic and highly competitive industry.

Over the years we have established relationships and created friendships with many music industry professionals.  From publicists to music reviewers, radio personalities, music producers, studio musicians, and more.

We have also built a extensive network nearing 30 million music lovers across the globe.

Past work involves cross development and promotions for artists:

Development & promotions for Singles,  EPs, and full LPs

Development & promotions relating to upcoming performances (shows, tours, festivals, etc.)

Development & promotions of artist/band interviews, reviews, articles, etc., for print, radio, television, and online

Development & promotions of full website, single page designs, and exclusive landing pages

Banners, flyers, business cards, CD & other promotional artwork, photography, video, audio, and more.

Booking templates, propositions/proposals, scripts & outlines, Email campaigns, and correspondence/Liaison.

Product development, promotions, and sales (merchandise)


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