EPK Submission


Submit a Media Package to Flair Affair Ent./Supporting Artist/Website:

Become a Flair Affair Supporting Artist by submitting a media package containing links to videos of your work, a bio,some photos (JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP format), any links to your official web site or other URLs where folks can access your work, and don’t forget to include an endorsement of Flair Affair! The endorsement can be in video, audio or written form.

Send correspondence to: flairaffair@execs.com c/o of Media Package Submission.

*This service is available to selected artists only. All submissions are reviewed, not all are accepted.

By participating in the FA format you acknowledge the following:

* You are of legal age or have parental consent to particpate in the program. (all content invloving children is considered sensitive and should not contain any sexually suggestive or violent material)

* You retain full copyright of said material and that Flair Affair has been granted the right to use the content submitted by you for promotional purposes.

* That upon your request (written), all content belonging to you will be removed from the site within 72 hours. Please understand that this may not be the case for content used in promotonal material in circulation prior to the cancellation request.

* All submissions will be considered and not all will be accepted.

* Flair Affair reserves the right to refuse any content that we deem is in bad taste. This includes, but not limited to hate speech, violence, nudity and sex related content, dangerous/illegal acts, shock value submissions, copyright/privacy violations, harassment/threatening content, or impersonation.

* You are the legal copyright owner/or legal representative of the said work submitted.


3 thoughts on “EPK Submission

  1. Hey there, I’m an experimental progressive psy-jazz-fusion music producer & visual artist from Toronto. I’ll attach my EPK in the website section – I have 3 albums out so far, 4th album is releasing soon – in depth details in the EPK naturally


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