Spreading a little Christmas Cheer at NIH’s Children’s Inn

While the snowflakes began to sprinkle Washington, DC, and folks around town rushed to finish their last minute Christmas shopping, children’s book author and Billboard artist Kim Cameron headed into the National Institute of Health’s Children’s Inn to read a bit of holiday cheer.  Sixteen families could not make it home for Christmas this year due to ongoing treatments for their child at the hospital, but thankfully the Children’s Inn was filled with holiday festivities to keep the minds of the little ones occupied.

Christmas trees, lights and roaring fireplace set the mood for the first activity: a reading from the new children’s series Seaper Powers.  As the families gathered around, Kim Cameron brought out the puppets to tell the story of a little girl who finds magical powers in the Caribbean sea and can talk to fish.

The event was sponsored by Agilex Technologies, who donated SeaperPowers books I and II to each family, along with a stuff fish toy.  “I love reading to book to kids, but doing a reading at the Inn on Christmas Eve was probably the most special reading I have ever done,” said Cameron.  “I was touched that the children wanted to talk about their illness with me.  It was hard not have your stomach knot up when a 7 year old cannot see out of her right eye, or another who is on her third try to beat leukemia.”

President of the Agilex Health Care division, Larry Albert, also attended the event, assisting in the puppeteering, “When Kim asked us to help out, we all immediately said ‘yes’!  What a great way to spend Christmas Eve,” said Albert.

The Inn had a series of musical guests, and events over the holiday, even a Santa.




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