New Release For Kim Cameron

Dance Club Charts, Kim Cameron decided to take on the big guns. Yes, she is going after the summer song for 2014 by releasing ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ in May. Coupled with an over-the-top graphical music video featuring two New York fitness models, ‘Let’s Fall in Love,’ brings both a summery breeze while keeping you on your feet with her signature bass dance beats.

Producer Kevin Rockhill, who has a resume of Tiesto, Jake Miller, Stonebridge and other number one hits, took Cameron’s vocals to a whole new level. This is the last single to complete Cameron’s fifth album ‘Still Spinning’ and already caught the ear of one of the biggest radio stations in the U.S.

New single promo final April release website

“Let’s Fall in Love” the NEW release from Kim Cameron.

Visit Kim Cameron on the official website at: Join Kim on Facebook at:


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