Let’s Fall in Love Climbing the Charts!

#1 Starfleet Crosssover Chart
#1 Starfleet Dance Chart
#9 Franchise Record Pool
#1 Pick for DJ Tiimes  Expo
Mediabase Top 40 –
Pop/Indy Artist #20
DJ RiddlerMix Show:
Z100 Portland,
95.7 Houston, & GHR Radio
More Mix Shows:
KBOS Fresno, Y100 Miami,
WNRG Milwaukee, KSXY
Santa Rosa, XHTO El Paso,
WOCQ Ocean City, WRVZ
Charleston, KZFM Corpus
Christi, KWYL Reno, KRBE
Houston.   BDS Station adds:
Panama City, San Francisco,
Las Vegas, McAllen


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