Good Vibes

I have had the honor of listening to two new tracks coming from Kim.  How I love it when she is in studio and doing what she does best!  Something to be said when a song plays over and over in your head. I believe she is on the mark, yet again!

The Miami shows with Kim, the band, and the Side FX dancers is moving into week three. The audience is growing and looks like everyone is having a great time.  What more can we ask for?  If in Miami and you have some free time on a Tuesday evening, stop on by and enjoy the show!  There are only three shows remaining at The House of Rock.  You can access Kim’s official website for details on the shows.

Update on ‘Never,’ the final single from the No Regrets LP.  The song is steadily gaining more terrestrial airplay, having been added to 45 United Kingdom radio stations, including 15 mix shows in the United States… Yay!  If you have not heard the song, check out both the club mix and the original!  We’re happy to announce that the song was the first to be added to the Kim Cameron VEVO channel.

All in all, the entire No Regrets LP is doing quite well in the UK and the US.  Several of the songs are experiencing success on the music charts and receiving airplay via terrestrial radio, including mix shows.

Finally, we are working on a new project (Let’s just say, an old project revamped?) via FA Ent.  Artwork has been completed.  I think that those of you who have been with us since the beginning will appreciate the grassroots feel.  The new project will also allow for many to participate at local levels, nationwide. Looking forward to sharing more as we develop.

Many thanks to our entire team for the commitment and hard work.  A huge THANK YOU to the fans and supporters for spreading the music!

Lots of good vibes happening… peace!


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