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Mary Ann VanDerHorst

Mary Ann VanDerHorst is well known for her extraordinary performance via the X Factor in 2014 as she took the stage and won over the international audience with her rendition of Beyonce’s hit ‘Halo’, earning her a massive standing ovation and dedicated fans well into 2023.

We’re huge fans of Mary Ann’s here at Flair Affair Entertainment and encourage those who have yet to learn of her talent to check her out.

Learn more about Mary Ann here.
Mary Ann’s X Factor Performance

Accepting Song Submissions Now!

We are currently accepting new song submissions for possible airplay.

If you would like to submit your music to FA Entertainment’s Street Beatz Radio, please note that all music must be in mp3 format. Each submission must also include the specific genre, creation date, and a short description of the song. You must be 18+ to participate and own the copyright to the material submitted. Absolutely no exceptions. All genres considered.

All submissions are reviewed, but not all are accepted for inclusion. This service is offered for free to all qualified participants.

All correspondence must go through the official email at: Do not send links to your music. Do not send packages to social network inboxes (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

WE do not contact representatives on an individual basis for the purpose of featuring your music. If you have a representative who handles your correspondence, pass the info to them and have that person send the package to us.

Stay tuned for broadcast dates, time, and link to shows.

Kim Cameron interview on WSGZ Radio

Catch the Kim Cameron interview on WSGZ Radio Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 1pm EST.

Access WSGZ here.

2-time Billboard Top 20 Artist Kim Cameron and Side FX

2-time Billboard Top 20 Artist Kim Cameron will be interviewing with WSGZ. She will be taking time from her busy schedule to kick it with DJ Mega Spinz about new music and Kim’s pop charting success. Exclusive interview Coming soon!

About Kim Cameron and Side FX
Side FX and Kim Cameron are a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping dance band who’s music has been on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC; College Music Journal; AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts. Kim is played across the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and placed on Bravo, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, TLC, TV Networks, just to name a few.
Kim Cameron, who performed twice for the NFL (Giants and Redskins) to over 70,000, has toured across the country and internationally, garnered millions of YouTube views,  featured on Comcast’s Xfinity, and won Album of the Year, Best Live Performance and an American Songwriter Nominee.

Only Two Shows Remain!

Only two shows remain at the House of Rock in Miami, FL.

Join Kim, the band, and the Side FX Dancers for a night of music, friends, and fun.

If you are in the Miami area and would like to see a great show, stop on by for Groovy Tuesdays, July 7th and 14th beginning at 8PM – Midnight.  Tickets are priced right and the performance is bound to create musical memories for all.

Get one-of-a-kind merch, including the latest ‘No Regrets’ CD, take a picture with band members & dancers, and collect a few autographs too!

Groovy Tuesdays with Billboard International Dance Artist Side FX & Kim Cameron
Tuesday, 06/23/2015 – 07/14/2015 08:00 pm – 12:00 am
blJz4QK3Covenant Music House of Rock
9851 NW 58th St Unit 110,
Doral, Florida 33178
Official Website
Cost: 5.00

Join Kim and the band for ‘Groovy Tuesdays’ at the House of Rock in Miami. This summer, Tuesday nights in Miami will be the new Friday night!

They Have Done It Again!

Yes, they have certainly done it once again… Another #1 hit!

Side FX and Kim Cameron’s – Blind Love (Wideboys Remixes) sits at #1 on the Top-50 Crossover Chart as of July 1, 2015!

There are two additional songs from the ‘No Regrets’ LP that are also charting in the Top-50 Crossover category. Rolling Stone is currently sitting at #7 and Never comes in at #29. This, of course, makes us extremely happy!

I wanted to mention that the ‘No Regrets’ LP is seeing tremendous support down the line from mix shows to terrestrial stations. Below is a list of those playing songs from the album:

Agora FM (France)
Canal 5 (Belgium)
Dyna JukeBox (France)
Emotion (Belgium)
Good Station (France)
Indeez Station (USA)
MELODIE FM (Belgium)
Meuf In (France)
Mixaradio (France)
NETRADIO RUSSIA (Federation de Russie)
Radio Fretoise (France)
Radio Ice Age (France)
Radio Of World (France)
Radio Webstation (France)
RCC Radio (Belgium)
StefLine (France)
TSSY (France)
103 The Eye Leicestershire UK
1386AM HCR Halesowen UK
All FM Manchester UK
BCFM Bristol UK
Black Diamond FM Newtongrange UK
BRFM Multiple UK
Calon FM Wrexham UK
Costa Calida Radio Madrid Spain
Dunoon Community Radio Dunoon UK
East Coast FM Edinburgh UK
Eava FM Leicestershire UK
Elastic FM UK
Forest FM Dorset UK
Freies Radio Wiesental Schopfeim Germany
HFM Harborough UK
Marlow FM Marlow UK
New Style Radio Birmingham UK
NUA Show Multiple UK
Radio 1 Mallorca Mallorca Spain
Radio Caroline UK
Radio Gets Wild UK
Radio Good Station France
Radio Iceage France
Radio Industrie Zug Switzerland
Radio Seagull Holland
Radio Seagull Holland
Radio Seagull Holland
Radiofabrik Salzburg Austria
Reach On Air US
RLM Bastia France
Rucphen FM Rucphen Holland
Seahaven FM East Sussex UK
Sheffield Live Sheffield UK
The Bridge 102.5 Stourbridge UK
The Canalside Cambridge UK
WFM Wythenshawe UK
New Mix Show Airplay This Week:
WPOW/Miami, FL Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KOHT/Tucson, AZ Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
WNRG/Milwaukee/WI Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KRYC/Sacramento, CA BDS Top 40 Pop
WRVZ/Charleston, WVA Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KPAT/Santa Maria, CA Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
XHTO/El Paso, TX Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
KPRR/El Paso, TX Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KZCH/Wichita, KS Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
Stations/Mix Shows To Date:
KRBE/Houston Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
KREV/San Francisco Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
KFRH/Las Vegas Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
KRCK/Palm Springs Mediabase Top 40 Pop
WPOI/Tampa, FL Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
WWKX/Providence, RI Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
WOCQ/Ocean City, MD Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
WNRG/Milwaukee/WI Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KPAT/Santa Maria, CA Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
XHTO/El Paso, TX Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
KPRR/El Paso, TX Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KZCH/Wichita, KS Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Pop
KRYC/Sacramento, CA BDS Top 40 Pop
KOHT/Tucson, AZ Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
WPOW/Miami, FL Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
WRVZ/Charleston, WVA Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
WPOW/Miami, FL Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm
KOHT/Tucson, AZ Mediabase/BDS Top 40 Rhythm

Finally, the 3rd live show with Kim, the band, and the Side FX dancers took place at the House of Rock on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 in Miami, Florida.

From last night’s show (June 30, 2015) at the House of Rock in Miami.

There are two shows remaining. We encourage folks to get out and see the group perform. Who knows, you may even get an autograph and perhaps a picture too! Tell ’em Charlie sent ya!

For additional information regarding upcoming shows, visit the official Side FX website.

A Big THANK YOU for the continued support… Peace!

Good Vibes

I have had the honor of listening to two new tracks coming from Kim.  How I love it when she is in studio and doing what she does best!  Something to be said when a song plays over and over in your head. I believe she is on the mark, yet again!

The Miami shows with Kim, the band, and the Side FX dancers is moving into week three. The audience is growing and looks like everyone is having a great time.  What more can we ask for?  If in Miami and you have some free time on a Tuesday evening, stop on by and enjoy the show!  There are only three shows remaining at The House of Rock.  You can access Kim’s official website for details on the shows.

Update on ‘Never,’ the final single from the No Regrets LP.  The song is steadily gaining more terrestrial airplay, having been added to 45 United Kingdom radio stations, including 15 mix shows in the United States… Yay!  If you have not heard the song, check out both the club mix and the original!  We’re happy to announce that the song was the first to be added to the Kim Cameron VEVO channel.

All in all, the entire No Regrets LP is doing quite well in the UK and the US.  Several of the songs are experiencing success on the music charts and receiving airplay via terrestrial radio, including mix shows.

Finally, we are working on a new project (Let’s just say, an old project revamped?) via FA Ent.  Artwork has been completed.  I think that those of you who have been with us since the beginning will appreciate the grassroots feel.  The new project will also allow for many to participate at local levels, nationwide. Looking forward to sharing more as we develop.

Many thanks to our entire team for the commitment and hard work.  A huge THANK YOU to the fans and supporters for spreading the music!

Lots of good vibes happening… peace!