Covergeist Song to be added to 10,000 stations

Update: FA Ent has just received news regarding the band Covergeist. Their song, ‘Whiskey Weed and Women’ hits over 10,000 stations beginning on Tuesday. Congratulations guys, we’re happy for you! Covergeist music has been featured on the FA Ent. Radio Network.


Let’s Fall in Love Climbing the Charts!

#1 Starfleet Crosssover Chart
#1 Starfleet Dance Chart
#9 Franchise Record Pool
#1 Pick for DJ Tiimes  Expo
Mediabase Top 40 –
Pop/Indy Artist #20
DJ RiddlerMix Show:
Z100 Portland,
95.7 Houston, & GHR Radio
More Mix Shows:
KBOS Fresno, Y100 Miami,
WNRG Milwaukee, KSXY
Santa Rosa, XHTO El Paso,
WOCQ Ocean City, WRVZ
Charleston, KZFM Corpus
Christi, KWYL Reno, KRBE
Houston.   BDS Station adds:
Panama City, San Francisco,
Las Vegas, McAllen